Chocolate Ganache (dairy & gluten-free raw dessert)

This tasty dessert is ideal for dinner parties and goes down well with everyone.  Its so rich and luxurious, people won’t believe its completely vegan. Serve with vegan ice-cream for an added delight.

Also a fantastic raw dessert- here we lightly toast the nuts a little just to bring out the flavours, but this step can be stepped if you’d prefer.

You can try different variations on the dessert, by adding a thin layer of between the base and the chocolate covering.

A fruit compote made from your favourite berries, or spoon a little caramel before adding the chocolate. It adds an extra element to the dish, when upon breaking into the dessert with a spoon, seeing the extra filling ooze out on to the plate adds a little extra indulgence to this dish. Any extra compote or caramel can be used as a sauce to smear on the plate before serving the ganache

But its still a fantastic dessert without the extra filling, and never fails to impress your guests!  This is recipe is featured in the Nordvegan cookbook we created for Norway’s premier vegan restaurant, packed with tasty recipes designed for anyone to tackle. Order yours today from Amazon

Ganash Ingredients

½ cup cashews – lightly toasted
½ cup hazelnuts – lightly toasted
½ cup pecans – lightly toasted
1 cup dates
3 cups dark vegan chocolate
3 tbsp coconut sugar
1 tbsp coconut oil
1.5 cups coconut milk
4  Scoops vegan ice-cream (optional)
½ cup berries of choice for garnish
Mint leaves for garnish


Blitz together nuts and dates for a few seconds in a food processor pulsing for short bursts to ensure mixture is not over mixed to a paste. 

Press a little into individual flan cases which have been lightly greased to make them easier to remove. Make sure the thickness of the mixture is the same at the bottom as around the sides, and that the mixture is level around the edge.

Place a saucepan 1/4 full with water, and on top place a bowl to make a bain-marie.  Melt chocolate in bain-marie add coconut oil and coconut sugar and mix. Slowly add coconut milk until velvety.

Pour into cases and allow to set in fridge.

Serve with vegan ice-cream and garnish with mixed berries and mint leaves.

This rich and luxurious showstopper dessert ticks all the boxes, no dairy, no refined ingredients, raw - nobody will believe its vegan! "