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Services of Plant Candi

Plant Candi’s specialist team can cater to any party, of any size, utilizing fresh, unique, and where possible locally sourced plant-based produce to create ground-breaking, beautiful events anywhere in the world.

Currently based in Europe with the ability to create and tailor for unique culinary experiences throughout the world.

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We provide consultation services, including:-

- New kitchen / restaurant planning & design
- Start-up support and guidance
- Existing business reviews and reports
- Cost control & GP advice
- Menu design & nutritional advice
- Staff recruitment & training

setting up a vegan kitchen or restaurant

Private Chefs

Our services include:-

- Large or small private parties
- Banqueting and formal functions
- Cookery demonstrations
- Event catering
- Residential chef - short / long term
- Corporate dining events
- Weddings

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Private Parties and Functions

Reuben and Peter are available for private parties, they can cater to any party, of any size, utilizing fresh and locally sourced plant-based produce to create unique dining experience for your guests. Also available for residential private chef roles, private yachting, weddings or any event that is required. We will be discreet, confidential and diplomatic for all discerning clients, and can provide chef for short or longer term contracts.

Health and Nutrition

We believe a whole-food plant based diet is the cornerstone of maintaining a healthy body and mind. Creating healthy and delicious cuisine is our raison d'etre here at Plant Candi, and our custom vegan menus ensure you'll have the most nutritious food that provide everything the body needs to stay healthy and lean, and sure to satisfy any palette.

Menu creation

We'll create custom menus to suit every occasion, from high quality fine dining multi-course events to contemporary fast food and snack menus, or tailored menus focusing on healthy nutritious feasts with specialty options for those with restrictive dietary requirements.
We try to use local produce with a mind to sustainability and cost effective menu development.
We pride ourselves in catering to every palette and our cutting edge menus will even turn the heads of even the most ardent carnivore. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Concept to implementation of new ventures

The Plant Candi team will work closely with clients in relation to design, software, suppliers, builders and tradesmen alike in addition to the flow of service between FOH and back of house to create a bespoke venue for your setting. We'll support new business ventures every step of the way to ensure you deliver the best food products and dining experience for your customers.

Television, radio and new media

Reuben and Peter are key influencers who has appeared on radio, TV and major events, they have been major contributors of this global trend. These world class chefs continue to lead the way in constructive changes in eating and lifestyle through the creation of beautiful, casual plant-based restaurants and cookbooks.


The Plant Candi team are available for a wide range of demonstrations from large groups, cooking classes, 1-2-1 sessions, and school parties. Not only demonstrating amazing new cooking techniques and ideas but also talking about the health benefits of a plant based diet, sustainability and the environmental benefits.

Consulting including food & agriculture supply chain

Plant Candi aims to help all clients source plant based organic, seasonal, sustainable local produce within a 50 mile radius of venue, showcasing the best available produce at any one time.

Buy Our Books

Plant Candi were instrumental in opening Nordvegan – Norway’s premier vegan dining experience. After much demand from customers for them to produce a cook book, they naturally turned to us. So we created recipes showcasing the best Nordvegan has to offer, plus a whole host of additional plant-based recipes that everyone will enjoy. With recipes anyone can handle and for every occasion, this cook book is sure to delight vegans and non-vegans alike. Nordvegan will also fund the planting of a tree for every book that’s sold, so there’s more reason than every to grab a copy.

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Having worked with the guys from Plant Candi on a number of projects, I always look forward to creative energy they bring, and can rest assured they always deliver a fantastic product.

Opening Nordvegan was a big undertaking for us, but Reuben did an amazing job getting the kitchen up and running, pulling together and training a great team. and along with Peter desiging some fantastic menus and creating the recipes in our top selling cook book.

I highly recommend PlantCandi for their professionalism and excellence.

Mark Galvin

Reuben and Plant Candi have been a fundamental and crucial part in starting WAKU WAKU, the biggest vegan restaurant of Europe. They put together the kitchen hardware, hired and trained the kitchen team and launched a mind-blowing vegan menu.
Their professional approach to challenges and their limitless effort and passion are not less than impressive. For months there were queues at the entrance with people wanting to experience their excellent food and till this day the restaurant has been full 7 days a week.

Floris Beukers

‘Reuben Waller and Plant Candi are magicians. They have a gift for making vegan food so delicious you’d eat it even if you weren’t a vegan.’

Matthew FortFood Critic and Writer

As a life long lover of the business and heading up large F&B groups around the world I’ve been lucky enough to have dined with the best of the best.

The love of my life is an organic only vegetarian as well. She is a fabulous chef and spoils me often. We have a plant based restaurant at our Sydney Ovolo location and eat there frequently so I feel I have a good understanding of plant based dining. Having the opportunity to try Reuben’s plant based menu was mind blowing. Incredible flavours, tricks on the mind with textures and nostalgic tastes. Feeling like I’m actually having duck pancakes but not was a wild ride! Every dish was seasoned to perfection, beautiful presentations and genius creativity.

I’ve now been converted that you can enjoy an incredible night of dining without my life long staple go to meats..

Vincent LombinoGroup Director of F&B - Ovolo Hotel Group