Project Brief:

Design kitchen / restaurant and food concept for Europe’s largest vegan restaurant.

The client approached Plant Candi to come up with designs to convert the former Chinese restaurant in Utrecht to a cutting edge plant based restaurant and cocktail bar. The building required a complete refit, kitchen and restaurant redesign, and working closely with the client we created the designs, helped oversee the construction and sourced equipment.

For months there were queues at the entrance with people wanting to experience their excellent food, and till this day the restaurant has been full 7 days a week.

Floris BeukersOwner Operator - Waku Waku

Menu concept and design

Market research was conducted to discover the best approach in designing the core food concept.  The menu concepts went through several iterations to find the perfect balance of foods to cater for customers of Waku Waku, a robust selection of dishes that would appeal to the local population and tourists looking for amazing vegan food. Several dutch classics where included on the menu alongside internationally inspired dishes and a variety of snacks and fast-food plates, all created with a unique take to give Waku Waku it’s own colourful identity.

Staff hire and training

Hiring the right staff for the job can be a daunting task, but is key to success for any business. We made the interview process a painless process and not only found a magnificent team to bring onboard but with careful tuition and training ensured the team achieve not only a stunning opening night service on launch day, but deliver such a successful product that they ensured the business was packed from open to close of service everyday.