Project Brief:

Design Kitchen and Food Concept for Norwegian Restaurant

With a passion for sustainable living and plant-based eating, Nordvegan bought in Plant Candi to help develop the kitchen and food concept in the heart of Oslo. Plant Candi assessed the kitchen and restaurant and during extensive consultation devised a plan to create a concept of a deli-style restaurant with a daily changing menu, created from locally sourced produce from sustainable growers.

Plant Candi did an amazing job getting the kitchen up and running, pulling together and training a great team, designing some fantastic menus...

Mark Galvin

Menu concept and design

Nordvegan were a little unsure of the precise concept they should take with the menus, but were clear they wanted it to be as sustainable as possible while offering healthy plant-based meals. Several concepts were considered; vegan sushi,  pâtisserie, à la carte service, but the final approach was to have deli-style restaurant and pâtisserie – where a selection of healthy food would be on display to tempt customers with all the fantastic colours of the produce and finished dishes for all to see. Seasonal menus were created for a daily changing variety of 8 hot main courses, 4 side dishes, 4 salads + extensive pâtisserie selection. We sourced the best produce from sustainable organic growers in the local Oslo district to ensure everything fit within the Nordvegan ethos.

Kitchen design and alterations

Plant Candi detailed what changes would be needed for the kitchen and restaurant to get it up and running on schedule and on budget.

We worked with local building renovators to make the changes to both kitchen and restaurant, sourced additional equipment for both, and overcome the problems associated with rebuilds- ensuring enough power was delivered safely to the building, local regulations where adhered to etc etc.

Nordvegan Today

Upon opening, Nordvegan became an instant success and is always bustling with activity, and has taken its place in the heart of the community. It regularly features in top 10 lists of all Norwegian restaurants as well as being the top of vegan offerings in Oslo.  After the success of Nordvegan in Oslo, they now have the desire to open more restaurants in Scandinavia.

Nordvegan were often asked by their customers to produce a cook book, and  so approached us to create one showcasing the best they have to offer, plus a selection of new dishes that fit within their identity, while being accessible and easy for their reader to produce in their own home, so that’s exactly what we did – and it’s proved to be hugely popular.

Nord Vegan Cook Book

Plant Candi were instrumental in opening Nord Vegan – Norway’s premier vegan dining experience. After much demand from customers for them to produce a cook book, they naturally turned to us. So we created recipes showcasing the best Nord Vegan has to offer, plus a whole host of additional plant-based recipes that everyone will enjoy. With recipes anyone can handle and for every occasion, this cook book is sure to delight vegans and non-vegans alike. Order yours today from Amazon