Breaded Cauliflower with Cauliflower Sauce and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

The dish works great as a starter to any meal, and wonderfully showcases the often overlooked cauliflower. The cripsy crunchy panko coated florets contrasts well with the light creaminess of cauliflower sauce, and the dish is lifted with the balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes with a tart burst of flavour, and optionally a few capers for another tasty zing!


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1 large cauliflower – washed, cut to florets (retain stalk)
200g vine cherry tomatoes
50ml soya milk
50ml soya cream
2 shallots – chopped
2 cloves of garlic – crushed
25g spelt flour
1 tbsp almond flakes – lightly toasted
100ml vegetable stock
100g panko breadcrumbs
2 tsp capers
Splash balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
a little oil for frying
basil leaves for garnish



First blanch the cauliflower florets by dropping into boiling water for 10 seconds, then remove and plunge into ice-cold water to refresh, and leave to one side.

In a pan, sweat down the shallots, add garlic and cook out for another minute. Add the cauliflower stalks, cook for a further min or so, slowly add veg stock and allow to simmer on gentle heat for around 15 mins, then add soya cream, blitz well then pass through strainer, season to taste.

Take 3 containers, add the flour to one, put the soya cream into another and the panko in the third. Now toss the cauliflower into the flour, then pass them through the soya cream and finally toss through the panko.

Shallow fry until golden brown, and roast in hot oven 180c for about 10 mins. At the same time in a separate roasting tray place the tomatoes on the vine and drizzle over olive oil and balsamic vinegar and roast 8-10 mins

Reheat the sauce, and in another pan heat the capers with olive oil. To serve, place some sauce on plate, on top place the breaded cauliflower, the cherry tomatoes and scatter a few of the capers over the top, and a sprinkle of almond flakes and a few basil leaves.




An immensely satisfying dish with panko coated cauliflower as a centrepiece, you'll never look at cauliflower the same way again after trying this delicious starter